Registration Fee : There is a $50 per family registration fee due with the registration form.  This secures your time slot.

Tuition: Annual tuition is $850.  For convenience, this may be divided into 10 monthly payments of $85,  due at the first lesson of every month (August through May), regardless of the number of lessons in each month.  Each student is scheduled for 32 individual lessons for the Studio Year.


Instruction Offered :
Option 1:  $85 per month
        One 60-minute lesson per week. This lesson will be structured so that the student will             spend 30 minutes with the teacher's undivided attention at the piano and 30 minutes                 completing an assignment in the theory lab.
Option 2:   $125 per month
         One 45-minute lesson per week with the teacher, 15 minutes in theory lab, and 
         possible extra outside theory assignments.
Option 3:  $165 per month
        One 60-minute lesson per week with the teacher, additional outside theory or music
        history assignments.

Theory Lab : An understanding of music theory and strong music-reading facility are the number one predictors of life-long musical enjoyment success. Despite the enormous rewards and long-term benefits, the study of music theory can be dull and difficult for most students. As a solution, I have found effective programs that are both educational and fun! Students have a 30 minute reservation every week, and parents are requested to help younger students, especially those needing help with reading

Group Lessons : Also, there will be six 60-minute group lessons   focusing on ear training, theory, and performance, which are crucial for playing the piano. The group lessons will be in lieu of the private lessons for that week

AbsencesWith the payment of tuition, a lesson slot is reserved in the teaching schedule exclusively for that student every week the studio is open. I will be expecting (waiting for) the student every week at this given time. As long as tuition is current, the student has the freedom to choose not to come to a lesson without risking the loss of his/her time. If a student is late, I can only teach for the remaining amount of time in that lesson, as another student will be arriving for his/her time slot. I cannot go over into the next student's time. I only make-up a lesson if I cancel.  PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST A MAKE-UP LESSON. 

Practice is crucial and is as important to the mastery of the piano as it is to the mastery of any skill. For this reason, each student must allot a specific time period EACH DAY for the piano practice. It really, really helps to make it apart of a routine instead of trying to remember to practice. There will also be a Theory Time assignment every week that must be done. Not doing this assignment will result in the student using the private lesson time to make up the theory work. A daily practice record is required, on which each student is to record the days and times on which the entire assignment is practiced. Acceptable practice is AT LEAST 5 DIFFERENT DAYS of recorded practice without practicing extra to make-up for missed practice.

Materials: Each student should arrive at the piano lesson with ALL necessary music, books, recording device, pocket folder (with assignment sheets), binder and headphones/ear buds. If the student arrives without any of the required materials, he/she will not receive the full lesson time, as much of it will be spent searching for appropriate materials to use. Each student should have: recording device, (1) pocket folder, piano bag, ALL music. These should be brought to each lesson.

RecitalsWe have two recitals each year. Each student is expected to perform in each recital.  There is a Winter Recital in January and a Spring Recital in May. The Spring Recital is our biggest recital of the year. It is a celebration of all the hard work the students have put forth throughout the year, as well as of the progress that has been made. Students play their most accomplished pieces.  Awards are usually presented following the Spring Recital.

Performances/Contests Each student, with the exception of first-year and very young students, will be required to participate in at least two additional performance events (contests). Students should take advantage of performing opportunities in all workshops, recitals, festivals, and competitions for which the teacher, student, and parents feel he/she is prepared. Students set their goals for these events at the first group lesson. There are entrance fees for all contests, and these range $15-$30.

GNO Suzuki Forum:  Suzuki students are encouraged to join the Greater New Orleans Suzuki Forum.  Membership in this organization affords additional performance opportunities, including Celebration in the Oaks, performance at senior living centers, Fiddle-a-thon in Lakeside Mall, and others.  Membership information is available at

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