Important Notices

This year, I'm looking for students to create a "Composer of the Month" page for my website, Each student who creates a page and has it approved by me, will have the page published to the website and will also be able to choose any item from our "store." These are items that usually can be purchased with the music money earned throughout the year. They will be credited with creation of the page ON THE WEBSITE! Everyone who views the page will see the student's name! I hope to change the composer each month, so this can be an ongoing project throughout the year. If the student has more than one page published, he/she will earn more than one item from the store. 

Following is a list of the composers from which to choose:

Clementi           Handel           Mendelssohn           Rossini

Barber              Ravel             Rimsky-Korsakov    Smetana

Vivaldi             Prokofiev         Rachmaninoff         Brahms

Tchaikovsky     Wagner         Strauss                     Grieg

Schumann       Stravinsky         Foster                     Gershwin

Bizet                 Dukas             Liszt                         Saint-Saens

Scarlatti             Verdi             Joplin                         Sousa

Copland             Beethoven     Kabalevsky             Sibelius

Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel

When you select a composer, have it approved by me. I'd rather not have duplications. Then, if you need guidance where to find information, pictures, etc., I will gladly help in that respect. When your page is completed, send it to me electronically by email. Then I will proofread it, edit it if necessary, and post it to the website at the beginning of the next month.